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Our office

Van Waateringe Notariaat is a notarial firm established in 2015. The office is coordinated by Mr Mick van Waateringe, civil law notary in Amsterdam, supported by a multidisciplinary team of staff. Van Waateringe Notariaat is an independent Notary office located in Amsterdam. Our core activities are corporate law, as well as private and family law and estate planning. Van Waateringe Notariaat is a modest sized notary office with a personal approach. 

We provide efficient notarial services dedicated to the specific demands of our clients. If necessary our office collaborates with amongst others specialized tax advisors and lawyers from other jurisdictions, accountants and financial advisors. The team of staff has extensive experience, gained by working in other (international) lawyers and notary offices.

What we do

Van Waateringe Notariaat provides legal services to entrepreneurs, family corporations and (international) corporations. Our clients are start ups, small and medium sized corporations as well as multinational international corporations.

Practice areas:

  • incorporation of companies with limited liabilities (besloten vennootschappen) or a company limited by shares (naamloze vennootschap) as well as foundations, (cooperative) associations and the amendment of the articles thereof;
  • issue and transfer of shares in Dutch companies;
  • restructuring of corporations and their financing;
  • structural regime for large companies;
  • advice on (cross border) restructuring, mergers and demergers;
  • advice on (re)financing and creation of security rights;
  • advice on corporate governance;
  • advise with regard to employee participation;
  • drafting and advising with regard to shareholder agreements, participation agreements including corporate agreements;
  • to render corporate services including legalizations;
  • estate planning and restructuring of private equity for the benefit of managing director shareholder (DGA’s) and entrepreneurs;
  • incorporation of trust foundations and the issue of depository receipts;
  • advice on the continuity of the corporation and business succession;

Who we are

mr. M.D. (Mick) van Waateringe,


Patricia Sanou,

Notarial assistant / office manager

Mick is a civil law notary by profession, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, starting his legal practice in Amsterdam in 1985 and appointed by the Crown as civil law notary in 1995. Before establishing Van Waateringe Notariaat in 2015, Mick was managing partner of one of the largest international law firms and coordinated the notarial department.

Mick has an (international) legal practice managing a wide variety of legal issues and advised and assisted various organizations and enterprises on corporate restructuring, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, including incorporation of companies, advice on Articles of Association, corporate governance, directors liability, shareholders agreements, shareholders issues, private equity and estate planning.

T: +31 6 150 42 137

Contact / informatie

Stadhouderskade 127H, 1074 AV Amsterdam

Telefoon: 020 – 2209 409 | e-mail:

VanWaateringe notariaat

Stadhouderskade 127H  |  1074 AJ Amsterdam  |  Telefoon: 020 – 2209 409